- Theatre Plays and Poems
- Short Stories, Film Scripts and Essays

Translations (Indonesian- German) of literary works include: Theatre Plays

"Nostalgia sebuah kota" / "Nostalgie einer Stadt", theatre play by Iswadi Pratama, Teater Satu, Lampung, Indonesia.
(Indonesian-German translation)

German version used in the theatre performance "Nostalgie einer Stadt", directed by Kristóf Szabo, Orangerie Theater im Volksgarten, Cologne, November 2010.
Publication in progress (Hamburger Reihe, Universität Hamburg)

Press reviews on the project "Nostalgie einer Stadt" in Cologne 2010:

- "Love, Poetry Not Lost in Translation of Indonesian Play" by Katrin
Figge, The Jakarta Globe (English)


- "Naskah Teater Satu Lampung Diboyong ke Jerman" by Iwank, Tempo
interactive (Indonesian)

- Compilation of Essays by Iswadi Pratama and others from August -
November 2010 in Ulun Lampung (Indonesian)

For further audio-visuel material (photos, radio broadcast by Edith
Koesoemawiria, Deutsche Welle, or short documantary by Anggatira
Gollmer, Deutsche Welle) please get in touch.

"Surti dan tiga Sawunggaling" / "Surti und die drei Sawunggaling Vögel", theatre play by Goenawan Mohamad
Publication in progress (Hamburger Reihe, Universität Hamburg)

"Wanci" / "Wanci", theatre play by Imas Sobariah, Teater Satu, Lampung, Indonesia.


Selected poems by Iswadi Pratama, such as
"Memandang", "Pulang", "Asmara", or "Prosa yang hendak dilupakan!" and more.
Read by Iswadi Pratama and Bernd Johann in Indonesian and in German
in the framework of the performance of "Nostalgie einer Stadt",
Orangerie Theater im Volksgarten, Cologne, November 2010.

"Don Quijote", series of poems by Goenawan Mohamad

"Kain Sigli", poem by Nirwan Dewanto
Published in Indonesian and German in the book publication "Faces of survivors - portraits from Aceh" ("Gesichter des Überlebens – Portraits aus Aceh" / "Raut pusaran, raut hayat - potret dari Aceh"), a photo project by the Goethe-Institut Jakarta (2005).